Teviron Has really changed me into a healthy confident woman

Symptoms: chronic diarrhea, tinnitus, and fatigue, sore breast

Li Wen Fang

I had a fever 10 years ago which damaged my right ear drum; my doctor told me that I had tinnitus which unfortunately there is no cure for. I could not sleep at might because of the constant ringing in my ears. Beside tinnitus I had diarrhea two or three times a week for the past 11 years.

I could not absorb enough nutrition this caused my wrist to be very fragile and they would even dislocate. I visited a chiropractor for half a year, but my problems persisted. My knees, ankles and feet hurt a lot so I could not join my friends when we went hiking up mountains, I had to wait for them at the bottom. I consulted orthopedics and other medical doctors but my problem did not improve.

When I was 20 I found a lump in my breast, I underwent a surgery to correct this but now whenever the weather is bad, my breast will hurt and be sore. When AGM Chen Mei Hui introduced this product to me 2 years ago I did not believe her, I only purchased one waist support.

Three months ago I met Chen Mei Hui again and she told me that her mother has same problems as I do. She also told me some other testimonial stories; this encouraged me to give this product another try. I learnt that to be healthy you have to surround yourself with these negative ions; so I bought an entire set.

Within two months I no longer had to take medicine, sore breasts, or bad joints. Now my skin is perfect and healthy, Teviron has really changed me into a healthy confident woman.