Huang Ming Eh – Taiwan (Female)

Symptoms:   Asthma

My daughter Chen You is a typical asthmatic kid.  Every time the season changes.  It was the time for her to go to the doctors.  There was no exception for her not to take any medicine. Sometimes we even had to send her to the emergency room!   We went to different hospitals, thousands of doctors, acupuncturists; both of us were extremely exhausted.  I was introduced to Negative Ion Products, I didn’t believe in Teviron products in the beginning, but for the sake of my daughter, I bought the whole set.

The result turned out surprisingly well. She didn’t go to the doctor once this winter after she started to wear Negative Ion Clothing. I am deeply impressed. I sincerely would like to thank the company for producing such a high tech product.   My daughter is certainly a lucky kid. Believing is a blessing.