Premature baby born at 7 month
Use whole set
Mother – Tung Sue Jan
During my daughter delivery her brain did not get enough oxygen. Her right and left brain hemorrhaged. The doctor assessed cerebral palsy. This was followed by all extremity handicaps. We relied on rehab to help her.

June 2001 she started rehab. She has been in Rehab for about 2 years. Until now there has been no improvement in her hands. Her feet are still stiff. At the end of March 2003 my sister told me about a miracle fiber called Teviron that was helping people. In the beginning of April I bought the whole set of negative ion clothes for my daughter. In May she was eating by herself and was improving a lot. Now my daughter can memorize poems. She can count 1 to 10 and she can recognize and name the colors. In daily communication she can express her self well.

Her extremities and her hands and feet have no problems at all. She can move any way she wants. She has good hand eye coordination and good large and small motor skills. Now she can walk with big steps and she can crawl. When she sits down she can stand up with the support of the rail. My daughter used to be very agitated with a bad temper. Now she is mellow and gentle. She constantly had lung congestion. She had mucus all of the time now her lungs are clear.

As a parent I am so happy to see my child have health and a normal life. There is nothing you can compare to the joy of seeing your child healthy. It is most important.