Tu Xing Zhun – Taiwan (Female)
Symptoms:   Permanent injury to neck, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, cold, cancer, Insomnia.

A car accident when I was little caused a permanent injury to my neck.  The older I get the more painful it is, it even expanded to my shoulders spine and both arms.  It seriously damaged my mood and sleeping quality.   The first time I heard about Negative Ion Clothing was on November 2002.

In the beginning I was just curious and also I thought that the business system was really great.   So I joined as a member, I put the sample blanket where it hurt, immediately it eased my pains, so I decided to buy a lot of products.  My husband has athlete feet, has improved by wearing the socks.  My low blood pressure and hemorrhoids improved.  My four year old son used to get cold easily, after the use of neck support he coughed a lot of phlegm the next morning, he got healed.  The blankets really improved my back ache and sleeping quality.

So I recommended to my teacher’s wife who was in a late stage of cancer, after she used the blanket her stomach intestines started to function again , which made her fart a lot and poop three times a day.

She decided to use a full set in order to get rid of the poison in her body.  She has recovered very well.  I would like to thank God because he heard my prayer and blessed me and everyone around me