When I learned I had second stage breast cancer, I felt lost and helpless. At that time, my good friend brought me the sample to put on top of tumor; I immediately felt a sensation of stinging pain. It was then I started to believe in the magic of "Negative Ion" clothing.

After using the full set, I saw thick yellowish vaginal discharge on the panties, which made me firmly believe the product was helping me to rid my body of old toxins. Later, I had treatment and chemotherapy. My friend had encouraged me to use negative ion clothing day and night, change it frequently and keep it clean.

Finally, I completed the full process of treatment successfully. During the treatment, I felt neither discomfort, vomiting, nor rejection of any medication. I was very happy that within the period of treatment, I could drive by myself, do the house work, and take care of myself. Although my hair began to fall out while getting the treatment, I did put the negative ion scarves around my head, and fortunately, my hair grew back fast, very shiny, black and soft.

I am very grateful that negative ion clothing has kept me alive. Believing is blessing. I wish everyone lucky enough to use the product to keep ourselves healthy.