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The bedding series helps increase your well-being by improving mental clarity and needful rest. Negative ions comforts your mind and body make you feel warmth, relaxing and comfortable.

Make Neoron bedding your first choice for quality sleep! Presenting the wonderful benefits of nature into your bedroom! It has excess of 100,000 negative ions per cc. The blanket generates very high amount of negative ions needed to restore the body’s energy as well as to keep you going the next day.

Negative ion bedsheetOur body is able to restore itself when we are resting or sleeping. When our bodies are surrounded by negative ions during this crucial period, its helps cell rejuvenation. Individuals who suffer from pains or insomnia will feel relief after sleeping on the bedding and wrap with Neoron blanket.

Have the wonderful feeling of being surrounding close to nature. Relax your body, mind and spirit with these blankets!

The blankets & bed sheets series are the best products as it generates high amount of negative ions and amazing effects to your health.

Negative Ion Bedding

Our Highest Recommendation – Relieve aches and pains, joint pain, improve focus and attention, regulate body temperature, help alleviate feelings of anxiety, also stress and depression.
The Neoron blanket & bedsheet have excellent insulation capability. Your first choice for quality sleep!

Your best investment for a good night rest. Good quality sleep help our body rejuvenate by renew and protecting our cells.
Blanket and bed sheet are very effective! With this high quality product many customers have shared that it has helped all kinds of common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, asthma, body pain, etc.

Things to avoid :
– Don’t use dryers
– No Laundromat or dry cleaning
– No Iron
– No Fabric softener
– No Bleach
– Use Nefful detergent (Recommended)

– Normal wash is recommended
– Use machine wash (10kg or larger)
– Use a laundry net





P.S – Bedsheet materials can be customized into pillow covers. We have tailors to sew pillow covers for you.

P.S.S- Kindly use laundry net for all the Neoron bedding sets and comforters during wash.


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nefful negative ion clothing catalogue
Nefful Negative Ion Clothing Catalogue

To request a copy of the catalogue, simply contact Jenny Lim at (65) 8182 3325

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Jenny LimHi, thank you for your interest in our health clothing product. Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. If money can help buy good health will you be curious to find out what this clothing is about? Dr.Noboru Horiguchi wrote: "The cause of diseases lies inside the cells of our body. A sick body whose illness comes from damaged cells cannot recover even if very expensive drugs, good nutrients, and the best medical care are administered. I realized the necessity of curing the roots, namely the cells in human beings. With energetic cells, human bodies also become healthy enough to block disease or even cure them." For more information of Negative Ion Clothing, simply contact me or send an email.
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