Symptoms: athletes feet allergies, constipation, pneumothorax, scars

Zeng Yu Hua + Wu Yen Quan

3 years ago my best friend Shu Man introduced this anion product to me. This helped me find confidence and my goal in life which had been lost for so long. I bought some basic negative ion products because I still had some doubt in my mind. The result was beyond satisfying so I bought a full set right away.

After using the full set, a series of surprising events took place. One year ago my husband was sent to the emergency room because of pneumothorax which caused him to have trouble breathing. After he used the product, I saw it with my own eyes, his scars faded and he gradually regained the color in his skin. What’s more was after using the product within only 2 months he got rid of his athletes feet condition which he has had for more than 20 years. He got rid of his steroid skin medicine.
My daughter was born with allergies. When she lies down she has to breathe with her mouth often. My eldest daughter had constipation for a long time, and all those problems got solved.

I would rather call this opportunity a blessing from God to a gentle housewife, than a coincidence. Because of a willingness to share, I gathered the people I love and together we became a powerful force.