Sue Sie Zhin, Taiwan
Product use: whole set
Since I was a child I have been sick and weak. I have always had medical problems. March of this year my friend introduced me to negative ion products. I was happy because I believed this is the start of my good life. I purchased 2 whole sets of negative ion clothes. My husband and I used it diligently. Soon my monthly cramps went away.

Three weeks after starting to use these special clothes my heart prolapsed which caused my murmur and arrhythmia no longer bothered me. Now I don’t have tightness in my chest or perspiring hands. This is the first time in my life that my hands are dry. I have used the product for 5 months and now I don’t catch cold easily. I no longer have a hard time to catch my breath. My hands no longer hurt from using the computer. My bells palsy has improved remarkably. I used to have acidic stomach and allergy to milk products and I was plagued with intestinal gas and diarrhea and now no more. My estrogen is balanced so my emotions are more stable. I am calm and happy and I have no more hot flashes. No more back pain.

My husband sleeps well every day and he no longer complains of tiredness. My husband blood sugar and high blood pressure is getting normal. He looks younger and he is more energetic.

Now I am so energetic and with good spirits. I can eat and sing and dance. Now I am like a new person. You deserve to own negative ion clothing and bedding too.