I always felt like there were bugs crawling on me

Symptoms: Allergies, dropsy in stomach pain and sore

Li Cai Ping

Twenty years of allergic nerves on my right back, I always felt like there were bugs crawling on me or like there was hair tickling me. But the situation improved a lot three days after my friend Lily An introduced the full set product to me. My daughter has been learning ballet since she was a little girl, her whole body was always sore after practice. But the products ease her pains. Thus we gained more confidence in Teviron.

My mother had been sent to the hospital several times because of the dropsy in her stomach for the past six seven years. When she was in the hospital, she had to use diuretic; she was not even allowed to drink water. But she still couldn’t move or eat. When Lily An came to me, I told myself that she could only fool me once but not twice. Surprisingly, after my mother used the products, her waist got thinner from 48 inches to 36 inches. Now she can get out from bed easily, even do some activities, and she no longer sounded weak anymore.

I have to thank the company for producing such a fantastic product, which bring hopes and health to my family. Wish I could share my experience with all the people who are as lucky as I am.

Negative ions health products make me able to face people with confidence again