Zheng Mei Zhu
Usage: Complete Use
I have worked on the mainland for a long time. In my earlier years, I was healthy, but in my later years my power of resistance decreased. I always got colds with nasal obstruction and coughing, I could not sleep well, and the medicine I was taking simply had no effect. I always sneezed in the morning after I got up, and could not breathe easily because of nasal obstruction. I suffered immensely. I went tot the largest hospital in Guangzhou, South Hospital, and was diagnosed with allergic coryza. According to the doctor’s instructions, I took medicine and drank soup (straw mushroom stewed with lean meat, one bowl a day). However, there was no improvement. One time I was taken to South Hospital for half a month because of fainting that was induced by lung inflammation.

At that time, I felt lonely and depressed. I came back home for the New Year celebration, and spent a few ten thousand yen on the Nefful products. After some time, my morning sneezes stopped and I could breathe easily. I have been using the Teviron health clothing for about two years. I no longer not get colds and my immunity has been enhanced.

After using Teviron, my life has gone from black and white to colorful. This wonderful feeling cannot be expressed. I am very lucky and want to share how to attain good health with every one.