Mae Hua, Taiwan
Product Used: Whole Set
July 2002
At the end of 1995 I noticed that my daughter had a yellow spot in her eye. I took her to our local hospital to check it out. My daughter had developed a malignant tumor in her retina. I was told that the chances of getting this kind of tumor were very rare. The Doctor said that the only way to save her was to remove her eye ball. Sometimes hospitals make a mistake in their diagnosis. I hoped this was the case. I went to another excellent big hospital in Taiwan and the prognosis was the same.

We decided to go ahead with the surgery to remove the whole eye ball. After the surgery the Doctor assured us that there was no more malignancy. We brought our daughter home and in less than 3 months the malignant tumor came back. We went back to the hospital. We started radiation and chemotherapy on my poor little child. She lost her hair, her lips were dry and sore, she had nausea and vomiting. The whole therapy treatment took 2 years to finish. This kind of therapy is very harmful for a 2 year old child. I was looking for the blessing in my sorrow for my child. I kept thinking that everything happens for a good reason.

In October of 1999 when I took my daughter back to the hospital for a check up, Sufan, introduced us to the negative ion clothing. She said this product would increase my daughter immunity to illness. I thought these clothes would not cause any bad side effects and they would be easy to use. I got a few items of clothing for my daughter. After 5 months my daughter frequency of getting colds decreased. So I bought her the whole set and she got healthier and healthier. When I took her to the check up, the doctor found that she had grown 12 cm taller. He thought this was very unusual because children who are exposed to radiation and chemotherapy don’t grow like that. He was afraid that the brain may have another tumor which may have stimulated her growth hormone to make her grow so tall. They did a cat scan and results were normal. My daughter doesn’t have to go to the emergency room any more. Her speed of growth is better than a normal child.

Even me, since I was a little kid I got bronchitis and coughs a lot. After I used the negative ion products this improved. I believe that the Teveron clothing has miracle results. It has made it possible for my whole family to have a happier and healthier life. After using the product for 9 months I quit my job with accounting. Now I am involved with a full time commitment to the Nefful business. I am helping more people with their health and their wealth.

Thanks to Sufan, my angel, who introduced me to negative ion clothing.  I consider it such a blessing that I am in the Nefful family. This amazing miracle fiber is a blessing to me.