UW603 Lady’s Low-Rise Panties (2 pieces pack)

UW603 Neoron Lady’ Low-Rise Panties – 2 pieces pack

Healthy and fashionable stylish intimate wear for women. Neoron material gives you the most intimate touch with anions, caring for your health and beauty.









Material:(Outer Layer): Nylon 98%, Polyurethane 2%
(Inner Layer): Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 70%, Polyester 30%
Size:S, M, L, LL, 3L
Price:S, M, L SGD140 (Member 112)

LL SGD155 (Member SGD124)

3L SGD170 (Member SGD136)
Color:Purple, Beige, Gray


Body Size:

M – 64-70cm
L – 69-77cm
LL- 77-85cm

M – 87-95cm
L – 92-100cm
LL- 97-105cm
Note: Do not mix with other colours when washing.


For more information, please contact: Jenny Lim
(+65) 8182 3325

Email: jennylinse@gmail.com