UW153 Lady’s Black Long Undershirt

UW153 Lady’s Black Long Undershirt – This long undershirt provide a warmer comfort fit that can also help you relieve stress and tension with the help of negative ions. Nice body fitting design for modern urban women; dark color easy to match or simply wear as undergarment.









Material:(Outer Layer): Polyester 100%
(Inner Layer): Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 70%, Polyester 30%
Size:S, M, L, LL
Price:S, M, L SGD250 (Member SGD200)

LL SGD260 (Memebr SGD208)



For more information, please contact:

Jenny Lim
(+65) 8182 3325

Email: jennylinse@gmail.com