AS012 Neoron Body Wrap

Nefful body wrap (pink & white color available) is stylish, soft and comfortable to wear. This AS012 design is easy to match with other layers of clothing. You may not have heard about tummy wrap. Also known as Haramaki, the Tummy wrap is not something new but it has been worn by women in Japan since olden times!

The tradition of keeping the body healthy dated back in the 12th century. The body wrap keeps and maintains the body temperature thus keeping it warm. It also improve circulation and by easing menstrual pain and cramps and helping in digestion as well. It adds layer to your clothes, with just one Teviron body wrap there is no necessary to wear many layers when the weather is cold. Try and you will be amazed.

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Material:Acrylic 48%, Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 43%, Polyester 6%, Polyurethane 3%
Size:70 x 27cm
Price:FREE SGD105 (Member SGD84)
Color:White, Pink, Light Blue, Red