Below are some videos on the power of Negative Ion Clothing –read some  LIVE testimonials taken from Youtube posted by people who have worn the clothing and experienced some amazing health changes:



More Youtube Testimonial 1) (English)
This guy share on how by wearing nefful socks, t-shirt, underwear can help him alleviate his pain in his leg, body and improvement in his eye sight.


More Youtube Testimonial 2) (English)
We are pleased to invite an outstanding couple John & Dr. Norma Tomlinson to share their story about the positive effects of Negative Ion Clothing and how it has changed their lives. John was diagnosed about 4 years ago with charcot-marie-tooth (CMT) disease. His neurologist informed him that he has inherited an incurable disease from his father called Roussy-Levy-Syndrome (similar to Parkinson). Please listen to his remarkable story.


More Youtube Testimonial 3) (chinese)
Her mum got stroke and just wearing healthy clothing with negative ions puzzled the health professionals upon her speedy recovery . Then her 31 yrs old sister was affected by stroke and WanJi now get them to use fully the Nefful clothings …….watch the clip and share with friends this alternative wellness program .


More Youtube Testimonial 4) (chinese)
Do you have a migraine or gout trouble? Have you ever tried taking 10 tablets drug for your migraine, immerse in ice water, and even pain that drove you to hit the wall? Tears will flow each time you had your gout attack? Wearing Teviron clothes helped him and now he is free from suffering migraine and gout attack.


Benefit of Negative Ion – Videos (Chinese)


Negative Ion Clothing for Pet(1) We have 2 white schnauzers and both girls are very dear to us. I started putting the multi purpose warm series which comes in 2 pieces as tubes on them – the longer piece is folded whilst the shorter piece is just of the right size about 2 weeks ago. I notice that once the girls wear the negative ion clothes, they are very relaxed and sleep very soundly. I plan to customise other negative ion products into doggie clothes, blankets and bedsheet for them.
~ Sau Ling