AS002 Neoron Long Cloth









Material:Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 100%
Size:100 x 35cm
Price:SGD100 (Member SGD80)

100% material made of Neoron – Multi purpose usage e.g. use as a scarf or neck warmer, facial towel, or for pain relief wrap around body areas on elbow, arm waist, knee and ankle.

Recommended As Fashion Wrap Scarf


You can use it to wrap around your neck. It can be easily enhanced with decorative edge as fashion accessories.

Promote healthy life with style. This amazing material is light but with superior heat insulation and water permeability to keep body temperature constant. As you wear Teviron fabric, negative ions are generated by the friction when contact with skin or other fabric materials.


For more information, please contact:

Jenny Lim
(+65) 8182 3325