Nefful Natural Face Soap

Nefful natural soap is a deep cleansing soap that keeps your skin naturally soft and moist. Ideal for facial wash and for your whole body. For storage do remember to keep them in dry container.

Why use Nefful soap

• Hand Made
Each piece of face soap took 100 days to be made by hand.

• Natural Ingredients
No artificial color or flavour added. Environmental friendly and is good for skin.

• With Natural Honey
Natural and non-processed honey is added to add moisture and youthful look to your skin.

• With Essence of Pseudo-Ginseng Leaves and Stem
The organic germanium inside pseudo-ginseng stop the generation of active oxygen and prevent speck and freckle.

• Extremely Soft Foam
It keeps your skin free from oil and dirt, minimise melanin, remove dead skin and facilitate metabolism.

Directions for use

1. Wet Nefful Natural Face Soap with water and rub in palms to get foam.
2. Put the foam on face (on body) and massage.
3. Rinse with water or warm water.
4. Remove foam and water from the soap and keep it in a dry container.
5. Clean and massage your face with Nefful Clean Cloth (code 2440, white, 17x60cm, 2 pcs per pack) or Large Clean Cloth (code 2443, white, 35x100cm), which double the benefits of the soap!

• With Clean Cloth or Large Clean Cloth made from 100% Teviron so the negative ion is high, you can easily get smooth and silky foam easily.
• Good value for money, you can use Clean Cloth or Large Clean Cloth to clean your face or body softly!
• Remember to clean and dry your Clean Cloth or Large Clean Cloth after use.

2 sizes available

Material : Weak Alkaline

Ingredients : Oil, Water, Sucrose, Ethanol, Glycerin, Honey, Carrot Extract, Sorbitol, EDTA 4NA.

Code: HD01                 
Volume: 90g X 2pcs – price at S$150           

nefful face soap | face soap

Code: HD02
volume: 15g x 10pcs – price at S$135

face soap



Code: NA0813                  
price at S$5 (15cm x 13cm – 10g per unit)

Bubble Net

Net for soap NA-0813

1.  Use HD01 & HD02 with bubble net, rub 3-5 times.

2.  After that, take away the face soap, and gently rub the bubble net till the foam is produced.

3.  Pull out the foam and you can clean your face easily, do not use the bubble net to massage your face.

4.  The smooth & silky foam can also clean the tiny dirt in the pores easily.