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      Call : Jenny Lim (+65) 8182-3325 (HP/Whatsapp) or WeChat ID: jennylinse

1.  Get Membership

Join as a member, email us a copy of your NRIC No. (front & back) to
Passport picture & signature page (for foreigners) and SSN card (for USA citizen). Membership fee is a One-Time payment of Singapore Dollars $70.00.
DIY MEMBERSHIP and Order Products Direct From Nefful Office

Please follow the steps below if you wish to order product from the comfort of your home/office via email or using fax order.

i)  Contact me Jenny Lim via sms/whatsapp (65+) 81823325

ii)  At Nefful office, pick up a Membership Application Form from a staff at the counter. Under sponsor/referral name please write my membership name and member no. (Lim Seow Eng/member no. 487892). Complete, sign and register at the counter. Please show your IC, for foreigner please submit copy of passport as required.

iii) You will receive your new member card. You are entitled to immediate 20% discount for all products on catalogue.
Order Form : Please download form HERE or collect form from office

iv)  Fill in Product order details with name and membership code and submit to counter. Payment by cash, nets or by credit card.
2.  DIV Order By Fax and Collect at Collection Counter (Fast & Easy)

Complete product order form and submit or fax to Nefful Office fax no. 6742 0126. Specify your credit card payment details on the order form. Our nefful staff will contact you by phone once your order is received and confirm your order and the amount to be deducted. Go to office to collect your paid order at collection counter.
3.  Overseas Orders & Enquiries

If you wish to find out more information regarding our products & shipping details, please get in touch with Jenny.

Mobile: (+65) 81823325 HP/Whatsapp/Line/WeChat ID: jennylinse