Gloves, Stocking & Socks

Men’s and women’s socks, five-toed socks, panty stocking, gloves are perfect choice for daily wear, office/business wear. The unique weave prevents bunching in the shoe & perfect for sensitive & sore feet. The negative ion technology repels moisture; avoid infection, foot odor and bacteria.

Supply negative ion of the highest quality and proven health benefits. They are superb for extreme weather, daily wear, business wear or for sensitive and sore feet as well. Protect your feet against infection, foot odor and skin problem. There are different styles to choose from.

According to eastern medicine, our feet is our “second heart”. There are as many as 63 pressure points found on a foot alone!  Each is connected & associated with different parts in our body. Nefflon socks supply negative ions and help blood flow to the feet and keep feet warm.


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