QF22 Lovely Girdle



QF12 New Aesthetic Girdle
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (Teviron), Nylon, Polyester Fiber, Spandex
Colour: Black
Size: 70 / 76 / 82 / 90
70/76/82 SGD340 (Member SGD272)
      90 SGD370 (Member SGD296)



Features QF22: Lovely Girdle QF22

1. The buttocks have a three-dimensional cut that would naturally lift the buttocks rendering beautiful rounded buttocks.

2. The point where the hips meet with the underside of buttocks, is of double layered cut that function in strengthening the lifting of the hips, so that the hip line would be curvier and better in shape.

3. The three-layered design with lace, silk and Teviron in front of the belly flattens the excess fats, and contours the belly.

4.  The decent cut design allows for sitting, lying down, running, or jumping so that there would be no pressure on the groin.

5.  The waist and inside of the hip area are the parts that would easily accumulate fats; so, with the double layered strengthened design, it would beautify the waistline and modify the hip line.

6.  At the opening of the pants elastic laces are used so that it would not curl u easily and would fit comfortably.

7.  The botttom of the pants is made with 100% Teviron materials.



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