QF21 Lovely Shaping Bra

Lovely Shapewear Collection

It is a combination of unique Teviron materials, with the goal of sculpturing lady’s graceful curves, achieving the ideal graceful line in the healthiest way, fulfilling the dreams of every woman around the world!




QF11 Body Shaping Bra



Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (Teviron), Nylon, Polyester Fiber, Spandex, Others
Colour: Black
Size: A70 / A75 / A90
B75 / B80 / B85 / B90
C70 / C75 / C80
D70 / D75 / D85 / D90E70 / E80 / E85 / E90
A/B/C/D SGD380 (Member SGD304)
E SGD430 (Member SGD344)


Features QF21: Body Shaping Bra

1.  The bra cup is tailored with a three-dimensional cut, moreover, the design of the whole brassiere fully covers, firms the breast with a push-up, which creates a perfect bust line.

2.  An elegant and highly textured embroidered lace is used, with the delicately crafted pleats to form a full breast shape.

3.  100% Teviron material is used for the inner cup lining which comes into more intimate contact with the breast.

4.  Inside the cup lining there is a pocket slit design to allow the extra padding to be freely added.

5.  At the back of the bra the band is knitted with Teviron and Spandex, which provides the most perfect care.

6.  At the back of the bra the band takes on the wide band design for additional strengthening support, while the soft steel frames at the sides would prevent the fats from expanding.

7.  The straps are designed with anti-slipping function, which provides comfort and are easily adjustable.
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