Benefit Of Teviron Fibre (Anion Clothing)

Wearing negative ions clothing benefits your health, help purifies the blood, regulate your body ph balance, rejuvenates cells and enhance your immune system.
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Products Benefits
Whole Set Collection Insommia, dreaminess, depression, asthma, high and low blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, whole body ache, cervical lesiona, acidic body, osteoporosis, cerebral neurosis, blood cleanses, unusual dermatitis, high cholesterol, snake/veins skin, bad temper, pimples, pregnant disable, uterus/womb tumor, swelling, haemangioma, gout, a frequently occurring sclerosis disease, kidney stress, various chronic disease, rheumatism, ageing, wear it for healthy living.
Blanket, Bed Sheet – Eskimode Series Strongest electrified to enhance body and entire physiological condition, to take care of ache and various chronic disease. Add on eskimode male/female underwear (clothes & pants) for better results.
Treasure Clothes(Bao yi) Shoulders ache, stiff shoulders, hand unable to lift up, indigestion, a duodenal ulcer, aching back.
Kids Clothes Allergy, asthma, cough, cold, flu, constipation,keep warm, kid bed-wetting, strengthen immune system against diseases, prevent cold.
Body Vest Indigestion, constipation, backache, sweat, stiff shoulder, gastric disease, gastroenteric gas, duodenal ulcer
Panties/Intimate Panties Dry and Comfortable to keep warm, plenty of secretions,pungent smell, abnormal physiology, the uterus/womb skin tumor, stomach’s scar, flatness, eczema, hemorrhoids, to reduce inflammation/irritation and bacteria infection, constipation, urinary incontinence, frequent micturition, itch, the uterus/womb downcast.
Sanitary Shorts (None permeate/infiltrate, special for physiology period) menstruation pain, abdomen/belly distended or feel bloated, to regulate physiology period, pimples.
Men’s Brief Eczema, urination prostate disorder, hemorrhoids, constipation, frequent micturition, urinary incontinence, boosts men’s sexual health.
Wool Hat, Pillowcase Giddiness, headache, insomnia, hair loss, sleep shallow, to restrain white hair, to stimulate brain metabolism, paralysis/apoplexy recovery, tinnitus.
Pillowcase Activation of brain cell, hairgrowth, prevention of hair loss, facial beauty.
Face Mask Freckles, pimples, facial massage, soften face skin or for better complexion.
Eye Mask Blurred vision, eye harsh, xerophthalmis, amblyopia/weak sight, intra ocular high pressure, shortsightedness or hyperopia/far-sightedness.
Guaze Mask Flu, toothache, nose allergy/irritation, lips dry crack.
Neck Warmer Sore throat, cough, neck sprain, headache, toothache, stiff neck, sinusitis, throat irritation, thyroid imbalance.
Shoulders Supporter shoulder ache, stiff shoulder, shoulder and hand incapable, hand unable to lift high.
Elbow Supporter Elbow ache, hand paralysis, cold hand, keep warm during exerise, arthritis, protect throat.
Wrist Supporter Cold hand, numbness of hand palpitations, uneven heartbeat, unstable breath, wrist ache.
Healthy Gloves Palm skin breakouts, cold hand, sweaty palms, swollen finger, rough hand, keep warm.
Body Warp Indigestion, poor appetite, excessive gastric acid, prevent cold, gastric ulcer, low back pain.
Waist Supporter Sciatica, kidney stone/renal calculus/neorolith, kidney astrophy, waist ache, stomach ache/abdominal pain/gripes/belly ache, rheumatic.
Wrist Band Wrist ache, wrist sprain, wrist muscle ache, tendon/sinew inflammation.
Knee Supporters Arthritis, weak knee, ache, sport protector, rheumatic, relieve pain of kidney analgesia.
Ankle Supporters Foot ache, ache, sprain, sport protector function, male/female genital protection.
Scarf Put in bra to stimulate breast growth, skin massage, fire or cut wound gauze, pain paste on, throat discomfort, headache cold, cough, nose allergy.
Various Category Leisure Clothes To improve resistant towards various type of chronic disease.
Various Types of Socks Foot icy, sweaty foot, ache numbness, foot smelly, ankle crack or bleeding, coarse/rugged skin
Panty Stocking Enhance varicosity/veins, to embellish/adorn thigh curve, massage effect, great elasticity.
Breast Pad Prevent breast cancer, stimulate breast growth, cysts (Fluid-filled breast lumps).


Improvement Reactions

The human body is made up of cells that keep functioning in order to maintain various vital activities. When our bodies are affected by some illness and we wear anions clothes to help cells get back to a normal operating state, the cells having their original jobs now have to work extra to get themselves back to a normal state. With this burden, our bodies naturally have an improvement reaction. The most common ones are itchiness; red and swollen skin; diarrhea; dizzy; fatigue; sore muscles; warming etc.

Four (4) Types of Improvement Reactions

(1) Slack reaction:
For someone who has been sick for a long time and his body is used to such a state to coexist with the illness, the appearence of anions will break this abnormal balance. A lot of oxygen and other nutrients are used to “regenerate the cells” inside his body and thus causing him to feel tired, sleepy and/or low spirit. But this slack reaction will gradually disappear after his body function restores to normal.

(2) Allergic reaction:
Taking medicine or shots to relieve the pain or sore that our bodies are having is just a temporary blockage to the message delivery of the nerves. Anions enhanced metabolism and blood flow will speed up, hence allergic reaction such as constipation, diarrhea, pains, swelling and sweating will appear. Patients of chronic disease all started suffering from acute forms of their disease. After wearing Teviron clothings these chronic diseases will return to their early acute state. Its like playing a video tape to the end and we rewind it back seeing the scenes again in a reversed way. Normally the first improvement reaction is the worst affected area of the body and followed by the next. So there’s no need to worry about having such reactions. Instead, you should feel happy about it as anions is helping your body work its way back to normal.

(3) Excretion reaction:
Majority of modern people lead an unhealthy lifestyle due to poor diet, lack of exercise, stress or drug abuse. These caused the accumulation of a lot of poison inside their bodies, which gradually becomes acidic that may in turn lead to serious health problems. When wearing anions clothes, if rashes, change of urine colour and increase of gas happens, it is signs that our bodies are discharging the poison and decomposing old and useless waste.

(4) Recovery reaction:
Sore, throbbing and pains often happens to those who have bad blood circulation, internal extravasated blood and sticky blood. When cells begin to activate, the acidic poison inside the body gradually decomposes and is excreted, the blood can be purified and health will be improved. Stronger reaction will happen to those troubled by more serious illness as a greater number of cells need to regenerate.

Niwa Yoshio, a Japanese expert in Ortho-molecular medicine, explains that not everyone will have an improvement reaction. Healthy people may not even feel a thing. These improvement reactions are not side effects, and once it disappears, we can feel the increase in vitality and physical strength of a healthier body.

(Source: Extracted from Charles C.S. Yeh, 2007, Wear Anions

(1) During initial usage, each individual will experience different “improvement reaction”. i.e recovery rate may differ according to each person body condition, which might result in:

1 More ache
2 More pain
3 More numbess
4 Draw out pain
5 Dizziness
6 More itchy
7 Rash heat
8 Cold
9 Fragment urine
10 Urine sweat
11 Break wind
12 More phlegm
13 Sleepiness
14 Face redness or swelling
15 To have measles
16 To suffer from diarrhoea
17 Red and swollen sign
18 Tachypnoea
19 Acceleration of heartbeat
20 More secretions
21 Reveal hidden diseases
22 More energetic
23 Reduce depression and radiating vitality
24 Mouth felt dry

Different people might experience different reactions or none.

When unable to endure the above symptom, stop wearing it until  the symptom reduce to minimum, subsequently wear it until the “improvement reaction” disappear. At this moment, you are towards a healthier body! Wear the clothes continuously and constantly to maintain healthy lifestyle. Do not worry on the possibility of second time “improvement reaction” and continue to use it.

(2) The Teviron clothes have shown no side effect during its 35 years history in Japan. Feel free and save to wear it and as it can improve and maintain your health.

(3) The symptom above using single product are only a direct method. The symptom might be related to other parts of the body and blood circulated on the whole body. Strongly recommended that always use the whole set collocation and drink 3000cc water daily for the optimum function toward the well being of the body.

(4) To obtain good health and prevention of diseases, it is never too early to wear Teviron clothes today.




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[ For easy reading, you can download a copy of ‘Benefits of Negative Ion Teviron Fibre Products‘, click here to print. ]


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