B1020W Neoron BedSheet

B1020W Neoron Bedsheet – High amount of negative ions to comfort your body and mind, it makes you feel relax and comfortable while strengthen your resistance and improve immunity.

















Material:Plush Section: Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 100%
Backing Fabric: Polyester 100%
Size:Single 140 x 240cm

Double 180 x 250cm
Price:Single SGD780 (Member SGD624)

Double SGD1000 (Member SGD800)
Color:Pink, Gray


Our highest recommendation – Relieve aches and pains, joint pain, improve focus and attention, regulate body temperature, help alleviate feelings of anxiety, also stress and depression.  The Neoron bedsheet has excellent insulation capability. Your first choice for quality sleep!

This will be your best investment for a good night rest. Good quality sleep help our body rejuvenate by renew and protecting our cells. Blanket and bed sheet is very effective!  With this high quality product many customers have shared that it has helped all kinds of common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, asthma, body pain, etc.

Cleaning Your Bedding Sets
Things to avoid :
– Don’t use dryers
– No Laundromat or dry cleaning
– No Iron
– No Fabric softener
– No Bleach
– Use Nefful detergent (Recommended)

– Normal wash is recommended
– Use machine wash (10kg or larger)
– Use a laundry net


P.S- Bed Sheet can be customized into pillow covers. We have tailors to sew pillow covers for you.
P.S.S- Kindly use laundry net for all the Neoron bedding sets and comforters during wash.


BI031 Dual Blanket Cover Gray

P.S. – Kindly use laundry net for all the Neoron bedding sets and comforters during wash.

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Jenny Lim
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Email: jennylinse@gmail.com