Bedding Series

Our Neoron Blanket (BI011 & BI031) and Neoron Bed Sheet (B1020W) are the BEST OF THE BEST of all our product in terms of the amount of negative ions generated. It has been tested and to be in excess of 100,000 negative ions per cc. As a comparison, the base of the Yosemite Falls has been measured to have about the same amount of negative ions per cubic cm.

Our body is able to restore itself when we are resting or sleeping. When our bodies are surrounded by negative ions during this crucial period, its helps cell rejuvenation. Individuals who suffer from insomnia will feel relief after sleeping on the Neoron blankets.



BI031 Neoron Blanket

BI031 Neoron Dual Purpose Blanket Cover & BI020 Bed sheet (Gray)


BI030 Dual Blanket Cover Pink

BI031 Neoron Dual Purpose Blanket Cover & BI020W Bed sheet (Pink)



BI011 Neoron Blanket

BI011 Neoron Blanket Cover (Gray)


BI011 Neoron BlanketBI011 Neoron Blanket Cover (Pink)