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I first stumbled upon this negative ion garment back in 2011. I never thought that fashion and technology could ever be combined to create stylish yet healthy clothes to keep me and my family healthy.

When you wear the clothing it needs to touch your skin. What this Teviron clothing does is it help regulate your body temperature and keep you dry and comfortable. Most of us agree that wearing cotton is good as it absorbs moister from our body but it stays wet to our body and we feel uncomfortable and sometimes we get sick. Whereas with this Teviron, the way it is made it whisk our sweat from the body and as the material is light it dries fast and our body stay dry and we feel comfortable.

Body warm promotes good body circulation and good blood flow is the key to good health. So with the negative ion clothing you stay dry and warm, feel better, think clearer, more energy and sleep better.

We have a wide range of supporters, socks and undergarments for women, men and children. If you cannot find the item you looking for, simply let me know I will get it to you.


Get Healthier Simply By Changing Your Clothes.

For Yourself.  For Someone Your Care & Love.

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